Writing Assignments

25 Ways to Jump Start Photography Inspiration

One of the tips you should do is to watch movies and some of the shots taken in movies will inspire you! for example the fast and the furious movies inspired me to take car shots and do photos of cars!

Another tip is to go on a photo walk to view other peoples photos and be inspired by other work.

Looking at photo blogs are also a great way to be inspired because they are people just like you having fun taking pictures.

Listening to music can help by putting you into a mood and it could help you focus on what type of photos you will want to take!

Do a Photo-A-Day project and it will inspire you to take pictures and over time you will get better and better.

Another tip would to shoot with a theme in mind most of the time holidays because it will go and run smoother.

Another tip is to have a beautiful subject and to try to make it even more beautiful!

going to an art show could also bring up inspirations since its other peoples art works!

Photo Assignments can also be inspiring since they will assign you to things you’ve never done before and who knows you may like what the assignments allows you to do and try out.

shooting in the dark can be inspiring in many ways as well due to the amount of control you can have over lighting.

Broad Museum Collection: Image Critique

This art work really catches my eye and I don’t really know why. the way that these all blend together in weird way is what has my brain confused but intrigued. i could see that these three different pictures put together make a person. the face also catches my eye cause i could see the face but i cant at the same time. Overall this photo confuses me but yet i could see it all put together.

Social Trends

  1. Show your brand through reels- Make 8 to 10 second videos showing and explaining what your business is about
  2. Along with short reels, make YouTube videos- using YouTube to show off your brand/business with long videos to show off your products and more
  3. expand onto more than the mainstream social medias apps- instead of only using the mainstream instagram/ snapchat, expand out to pintrest, linkedin etc…
  4. Make it easy for people to have screen to screen time- make time for your customer and to accept their feedback and act on it.
  5. Make your social medias a one stop shop- make it easy for people to buy things through your social sites so they dont need to travel through 20 pages.
  6. Know everything about your products- when you know everything about your products, clients tend to trust you more.
  7. Dont be text heavy- Let your ads do their thing by being on top and show casing your items.
  8. Make sure everything is shown evenly not only the new things- this will help bring more attention to your business.

Job Hunting on Indeed

Automotive Photographer & Merchandising Specialist

The requirements for this Photography job is just to have a drivers license. It is preferred to have one year in Automotive and Merchandising and to also have a Highschool degree or equivalent. In this job they work closely with cars to help dealerships make an online presence. They want to have the cars looking eye catching and to make it very easy for the dealership customers to find. I personally am very interested in this due to my love for cars and how I can practically know what’s going on with a car just by hearing how it sounds.

Canon Lens Experience

Peter R Miller is a sports photographer and learning about his experiences inspired me due to the love of sports and how he was able to capture amazing moments throughout sport history. To catch the “perfect score” in action is really something special to behold and he was excellent at it. Some moments he had seem like they were adrenaline pumping moments which in my opinion can be exciting at times.

Another experience i liked to read about was Joe Buissink which he captured beautiful wedding photos. A wedding is a special moment where two people come together to be one with one another, and Buissink knows exactly how to capture that. His work inspires me due to how beautiful each photo is and what a wonderful moment it must be.

My Favorite Influence Photo

This photo influences me because its an iconic photo of the legend Michael Jordan himself, Michael Jordan doesn’t only inspires those that watch him to do better, but he also encourages the players he plays with. whether or not he’s on the court, he’s always trying to be a better version of himself which motivates others to do the same. The reason this phot can do that is by showing that no matter how high your goal is you can always take a leap of faith and one day you’ll make it and achieve your dreams.

The way it motivates me is by showing me that nothing is ever impossible. Everything is possible in one way or another, but never impossible. This photo isn’t the sharpest photo or the most clear but you can see that Michael Jordan is not giving up on his dream no matter how impossible they may seem, which inspires me to do the same to reach and surpass my dreams and goals.

Sandy Skoglund Critique

I personally find Sandy Skoglunds work pretty Amazing, and also interesting due to all the main subjects being a different color than the back ground. The color of the foxes in this one makes then stand out plenty due to the black and white background and the contrast of the red foxes.

Wassily Kandinsky Critique

Why Photography is important to me

Photography is important to me because it can show series of events and also it can show history. Photography can tell an entire story with one photo, which I find truly beautiful! This is why photography is important to me.

Critique of Silver List Photographers

The first photographer i looked at was Andre Ramos. His page was very interesting, the titles of his art work certainly shocked me, but his page was very difficult for me to navigate through.

The second photographer i looked at was Skikeith. His page was easier for me to navigate through and the art work interested me with all that it had, i enjoyed how he had more than one page to look at.

B&H Shopping Spree

If I had 10,000 $ to spend on photography equipment this is what I would buy.

Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 24-105mm f/4L Lens and Memory Card Kit= 5,299$

Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM Lens = 2,449$

And that would be it.


Some reasons why a photographer would be the best job is because one you get to be your own boss, you can take any photos without anyone telling you otherwise and you are free to do what you like. Another reason why photography would be a great job is because its so accessible to take photos even if you have to use your phone. Another final reason to me would be the amount of freedom you gain from being a photographer. The freedom you gain as a photographer is like none other, you are able to do what you like and when you like and etc… everything would be based around you.